The Cheese Knife Guide

by Belinda Mufford

Cheese Knives are an essential tool for any cheese lover, but did you know that there are different types of cheese knives which have been designed for specific types of cheeses?


While there are no rules, using the correct cheese knife can enhance your cheese tasting experience and also help preserve the cheese's texture and flavor. In this guide, we'll cover the basics of cheese knives and how to use them for different types of cheese.

The Cleaver Cheese Knife

The cheese cleaver, also known as the cheese hatchet, is designed for cutting hard cheese like cheddar, Gouda, and Swiss. It has a wide, rectangular blade that is perfect for cutting large cheese blocks into smaller pieces. To use a cheese cleaver, place the blade on top of the cheese and use a gentle rocking motion to cut through the cheese.

The Teardrop Cheese Knife

This broad blade, teardrop cheese knife is a great multipurpose option. Capable of cutting both hard and soft cheeses and the sharp point can be used to stab a chunk of cheese to lift it onto your crackers.

The Narrow Blade Cheese Knife


This cheese knife is a versatile option for cutting soft and hard cheese. It has a long, flat blade that is forked on the tip. The blade is sharp enough to cut through hard cheese, but also flexible enough to cut through soft cheese without smashing it. To use, hold it at a slight angle and cut the cheese with a back-and-forth motion.

The Cheese Fork

The cheese fork, also known as a pickle fork, is designed for serving soft and crumbly cheese like feta, goat cheese, and blue cheese. It has two or three prongs on a long handle, which make it easy to pick up small chunks of cheese without smushing them. To use a cheese fork, insert the prongs into the cheese and gently lift it onto a cracker or plate followed by your pickle of choice.

The Spreader

The cheese spreader or butter knife, is designed for spreading soft cheese like cream cheese. It has a small, flat blade that is rounded at the tip, which makes it easy to spread cheese onto crackers or bread. To use a cheese spreader, scoop a small amount of cheese onto the blade and spread it evenly onto your chosen surface.

In conclusion, using the correct cheese knife is enhances your cheese tasting experience. Now you can you confidently choose the right cheese knife for the type of cheese you are serving.

Happy cheese tasting!